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The Cell Culture Facility provides all Duke researchers with cell lines and laboratory reagents at significant discount, with no additional shipping charges.

New NEB products added to the CCF on-site stock! #E1202S (PCR cloning kit), #N0550S (Quick-load purple 2-log DNA ladder), #M0493S (Q5 hot start HiFi DNA polymerase), #E2040S (HiScribe T7 high yield RNA sythesis kit), #M0323S (LongAmp Taq DNA polymerase), #P7712S (Color protein standard, broad range), and #B7024S (Gel loading dye, purple, 6X).

New Bioline product at CIEMAS and MSRB II - #BIO-25043 MyTaq Red Mix           

Open 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday

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